Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Night in our Nest

On most evenings after supper, this is what you'll find going on in our nest...
Savannah reads to Levi while Mommy cleans the table and does dishes (and snaps a few pictures)...
 while Daddy does bath time! 
One down, 2 to go...

Noah is loving books and enjoys having daddy read to him at night after his bath.  So, daddy dresses him, brushes his teeth, takes him to kiss mommy then sits on the floor in his room.  Noah, like clockwork, closes his door and heads to his book basket to pick out a few good reads.  He plops in daddy's lap and listens, sometimes turning the pages himself...sometimes, jumping up in mid sentence to choose another book.  All in all, some great one-on-one time with daddy. (and sometimes mommy).

Once in bed, Dolan calls to Savannah and she has her turn in the tub.  Her night routine is more time consuming... washing/conditioning that long hair, then combing/drying... you get the picture. Her books are usually longer and she likes to talk....about everything!! 

The reason Dolan bathes them separately is so he can spend quality time with each of them since he is often late arriving home. And, this gives Savannah some quiet reading time.  Each of them enjoy this quality time with daddy so much! If I am doing bath time, they get bathed together (excluding Levi, of course).  

Levi is last, and super quick! Unlike his big brother and sister who dread stepping out of the warm bath, Levi is content...maybe because he knows next on the routine is a snack.  

Then, we spend the next hour or so listening to Savannah ask questions like, "How can I go to sleep?" "Can you come help me fall asleep?" "Mommy, I have a question." "What was that noise?" "Daddy, I have a question.""Who opened the door?" "Can you come cover Dordi up?" (Dordi is her beloved baby doll). "Mommy, I have a question."  We put up with this most night's, occasionally closing her door for a little while (she has a night light).  It does make watching American Idol a little difficult... But we love her, questions and all! 

Our night's can get a little crazy at times, but I'm thankful to have such a helpmate to share them with.  We make a great team! 

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into a typical night in our nest.


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