Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sometimes, Love is little...

In Raleigh, NC at Crabtree Mall, near the food court, across from the APPLE store, sits a little shop.  It's a sweet shop.  It's a chocolate shop.  It's the GODIVA shop.  I first indulged when I was working as a college student at Belk at the other end of the mall.  I had to pass by this little sweet spot every day on my way to the employee parking deck.  I rarely entered unless they were giving free samples, because's an more ways than one.  Did I mention the APPLE store is located directly across?  Fast forward 10 years or so. Occasionally, the dear husband of mine is forced to go to APPLE for, I don't know, technical "stuff." And he has been known to meander across the way to this little shop and bring me some of the little treasures.  What a treat it is to see the little gold box!!! Well...I'm telling you all of this because he did it again.  Just last week. It was a wonderful surprise, totally unexpected...and the perfect day for chocolate!!! (ok...ALL days are perfect for chocolate)  And for my little gold box tied with a little chocolate brown ribbon...
He chose the one's he thought I'd like the best.  They are all so decadently (is that a word?) delicious! But, if I must choose a favorite, here it is...
This little beauty is a "key lime dark chocolate truffle." Is there anything left to say?  A napkin just wouldn't do...had to go for the fine china! 

You need not tell me I'm blessed.  I am married to a man who is selfless, full of life, and full of love.  And is little.  

I love you DDW!

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