Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A rope, a wagon, and a pampers box!

Sounds like the makings of some serious play, right?
Savannah loves anything with which she can pull objects, tie up objects (including Noah), and simply use as a toy...ropes, ribbon, scarves, get the idea! This day was no exception...and the long piece of twine proved to be a true asset to her and Noah's playtime.  
Noah does whatever Savannah tells him to do.  If she wants him to dress up with her and wear a dress, hat, and silver shoes...then he does so! And with pride! If she wants him to give her one of his 2 cookies, she need only ask tell him and hold out her hand.  Oh, if she only knew the level of her influence... Well, in this case, she wanted to pull him around the house in his wagon.  So, he takes Daddy's tape measure with him (not sure where he found it since it's usually up high in the laundry room...)and hops on! She needed a little help with her knot, but after that, they both had a blast whirling around the furniture and slamming into walls. *insert long sigh here*
This became old after about 30 minutes and she wanted to use her rope for something else.  They had been playing with a wipes box and I suggested that we "modify" it so she could pull all the monkeys around.  We had read a book about Raggedy Ann and Andy riding a rollercoaster, so she was excited to recreate this experience for her little "friends."  And here they are...

*Yes, that is a heart sticker on the wall beside the piano.  That's another thing Savannah loves.  And oh, how I love to find them all over the house! 
Truly, it's the simplest of things that make children happy.  
Thankful today for a rope, a wagon, and a pampers box...and the children who enjoy playing with them.


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