Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has sprung...Plants, Parks, & Popsicles

We're excited around here....Why? Because spring weather gets us out of the house.  So many memories to be made! The kids would live in the yard if given the chance.  And the Vitamin D sure does a body good for baby I'll try to keep this short so we can enjoy some fresh air when the kids wake from their afternoon nap.
While at Grandaddy and Grandma's a few weeks ago, Savannah planted  a few orange seeds.  We have been babying them in our kitchen window sill and were beyond "giddy" when we saw these sproutlets pop their little heads out of the dirt. This picture is a couple of weeks, I'll be sure to take another so you can see how happy our little orange trees are.  I am so grateful for the sense of accomplishment this brings to Savannah as she watches them grow!    
 A few days ago, we enjoyed a park day with our Brogneaux friends.  

While Savannah and Rachel played, Noah felt it was his job to look after Levi and Lily.  
The swings were a must for all 3!

Taking a little break...
She's such a big girl!
 And this one wants to do everything she does...
 Baby Levi, well...he is just one good baby! 
This picture brings me pure joy.  Savannah cares so much for Noah (and feelings are very much mutual).  She is always looking out for him and it's a precious thing to watch.  They certainly have their sibling moments where I'm concerned for their safety, but all in all, the love they already share cannot be put into words.  I pray they'll always be the best of friends.

 Check out our big boy!! 

All smiles when outside!

And to finish the day off...a blue popsicle for the girl, (such a big deal since blue is a "boy" color)
and an orange for the boy! 

So happy that spring has sprung and we can spend more moments outdoors.  (Maybe my house will stay a little cleaner)...Nah!

Blessings to you for a happy Spring!


cindi pate said...

such beauty!

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful post! Just love seeing these moments through your talented (camera lens) eye! Can't wait to spend some "outside" moments with my favorite grandkids....!
Love you....

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